Friday, 30 March 2012

Ten thousand saw I, at a glance...

Ten thousand saw I, at a glance...tasks, that is. So much to do, so little time to blog!

I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I need to do. I have really had to stop myself stopping halfway though one thing to start another. It was only today that I cleared up the last of the brash and twigs from the fencing:    

Part of the reason is that I started turning this:

Into this: (work in progress).
It's my new rockery, created using rocks from the garden. This is a millstone grit area, and I have quite a few big old rocks from some defunct drystone walls in the garden, and what the last residents probably brought in from somewhere.

I'm getting soil by leveling out the spoil heap from when they built the garage.
Please ignore the piles of stuff we haven't managed to get to the tip yet hanging around in the background...

Of course, there is weeding and sorting and tidying to be done all over the garden, and while I'm so easily distracted, I'm doomed to struggling with it forever.

So enjoy these more charming scenes:

The daffs are out, of course. More than ever this year because I've cut back so much shrubbery. There'll be more (evil Spanish) bluebells this year, too. And some new bulbs I haven't identified. yet. Plus this tree, whatever it is, has finally decided to flower for the first time ever (see above). I don't know why, but it seems to like us and has improved the last two years from nearly dead to blossoming, which is heartening. Perhaps the garden approves of us...

My orchard is also going strong, and I even have blossoms on one of the trees!

 This is the orchard.
Eventually that brash heap in the background will go up in a huge bonfire, perhaps even giving me room for one or two more trees...
Don't worry, there's loads of dead wood and log piles left for the wildlife.
I'm thinking of entering my garden in the Big Wildlife Garden competition run by the Wildlife Trusts and the Horticultural Society. If you have a garden of any size, you should take a look. There are loads of useful tips, and it's for gardeners of all persuasions, from bumbling amateurs like me to people who actually know what they're doing.

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